Slimmer This Summer: Week 5

Slimmer This Summer update: 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  .5#
Loss to date:  5#
Remaining toward goal:  11.5# 


The program has been on my mind, but not at the forefront, unfortunately.  Still, I lost .5#! 🙂  New job assignment (awesome!) on top of an already crazy-planned week.  No excuses, just information:  Last week I did not walk.  I worked around the yard and house, and got some movement, but did not get aerobic or strength exercise.  And that’s okay, and I know that, and I’m not down on myself, thanks.  So this week I’m scheduling Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as walk days.  Adapting!

This job is busy, and I like busy!  It keeps my abs tightened and my breathing strong.  Every little bit helps.  But I don’t get to walk around, so I’ll need to work that in elsewhere, like in the mornings.  Also, I think next weekend I’ll try the Biggest Loser Kinect demo that the boys downloaded for me a while back.  If I still get lightheaded, I’ll just stop.  (And it will be time to see a doc — five months is a long time to still be affected by a concussion.)

I did drink water — lots of it.  This job assignment just happens to have a mini-fridge stocked with water right at my station!  And I can keep my two healthy snacks in there, too.

The eating plan has been helpful.  I’m eating fresher foods, more vegs and fruits (thank you, summer), and almost no starches.  Grains and breads I do have are 100% whole grain.  I feel much better about the intake this week.  It helps that I just leave certain portions off my plate at dinner time, and the guys can still have their potatoes, rice, noodles, etc.

So, input good, output not where it needs to be.  “Tomorrow is another day!”

This week’s goals are to continue to do a modified version of the hi-protein eating plan,  drink 64 oz of water each day, walk three mornings, and lose at least 1.5 pounds.

How’s by you?


9 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 5

  1. It’s great that you are keeping positive and sticking to things. So many others have a hard time not seeing results, even when they know why they aren’t! Kudos for sticking with things, you will see the impact of that!


    • “…when things settle down…” You’re a kidder! 🙂 I can’t wait for that to happen, and I choose to be stronger this week.


  2. 1/2 a pound is good. You have reasonable goals and reaching them with be a boost in your confidence. I agree…tomorrow is another day! We will tackle this! 🙂


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