Slimmer This Summer: Week 4

Slimmer This Summer is still going strong.  Ish.  Ummm….I didn’t gain any weight.

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  0#
Loss to date:  4.5#
Remaining toward goal:  12.5# 

This week’s goals are to do a modified version of the hi-protein eating plan,  drink 64 oz of water each day, walk 2 miles three times, and lose at least 2 pounds.

Didn’t meet last week’s goals at all.  I’ve discovered I’m highly susceptible to the effects of stress, in that I shut down certain areas of my attention in order to give more attention to matters at hand.  And there have been many matters at hand again.  So I suppose another goal for the coming week is to find a “zone” in which I achieve some balance.  I know why there is so much unpatterned living right now, and there is not a thing I can do about it; I’ve tried, and I just have to deal.  But there are also those unexpected “gotchas” that seem to happen every several days.

Like tornadoes.  Yup!  Right over our yard, through the neighbor’s, and down the street.  It’s not officially a tornado, but we all know it was — 75 mph twisting winds.  (When they evacuate the stadium in the middle of a College World Series game, you know it’s serious.)  It took out fence panels on either side of our yard, threw everything on the patio into a corner pile, knocked out power, and caused me to almost freak out, because I was home alone Monday evening.  Fun times.

The rest of the week was spent cleaning up and doing other big projects I had planned.  The one fence post finally went in Friday night, and the panels went up in the morning.  So I did get plenty of exercise, but not the kind I wanted, and slower.  My arms were so sore, which I took as a sign of a good workout.

No excuses on the eating.  I had amped-up potatoes three times this week, and I now vow to eliminate them from my plate, except for rare celebratory occasions.  There were some poor choices involved.  I partook of the evil fruit of the turtle brownie tree, too, which I would have been rude to refuse, right?  Still, it was all on me — I decide what goes in.  Back on track this week.

Water intake was high, especially with all the exercise and heavy chores.  No issues there this week.  Sweated most of it out.

I should be fine for the week.  Next weekend brings 4th of July celebrations.  I’ve got my fruit, and if I can just refrain from dipping the gorgeous strawberries in white and dark chocolate, I think I’ll be good with that.


12 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 4

  1. We must be under a similar star. No tornadoes, but we did have some storms that kept me inside (no walking). And I had potatoes TWICE this weekend, when I spent months not having ANY. I lost, but not much for the weigh-in. Well, you know what, we simply follow a so-so week with a better one. We just keep going. Ups and down…as long as the ups and good stretches far outweight the bad ones, progress IS doable.

    Happy new week. To both of us tater-lovers who need to abstain.. ; )


  2. Stay focused on the fact you didn’t gain—-Kudos! Stress reeks havoc with all of us.. Cut yourself some slack and go get “em this week. The goal is within reach.


  3. Hey, at least you didn’t gain. Stick to your plan this week! You can do this, holidays are always tricky especially with the bbqs and mayo laden potato salad… yum, that gets me every freakin time!


  4. This is a new week so with your re-commitment you will do great. Just remember your goals and don’t accept anything but your best effort. You can do this.


  5. The evil fruit of the turtle brownie tree… LOL, that’s great but I’m glad I don’t have one of those!!! Daily stressers are a major part of why a lot of us are where we are so don’t forget that, it will help you defeat it:-)


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