Menu Planning 6/26-7/2/11

Hope you are enjoying your summer and the ease that menu planning makes of it.  With a lot of this-n-that going on, I think I might lose my sanity without a plan.

The days have been mild, but it threatens promises to be hot this week.  The boys want to head to the pool, and we’ve got early evening activities every day but one (so no grill).  What to do?  Microwave meals!  I have a few up my sleeve. 😉  Since we’re in town for the holiday weekend, dinners don’t have to be packable.  But I do plan to have a picnic dinner at the pool soon.  Here are our dinner menus for this week:

Sunday:  Pan-grilled pizza burgers (Momma’s proprietary recipe) (~3.00), fries for the guys (~.60), salads for all (.40).  About $4.00.

Monday:  Swissy chicken in a pan (compiled from various recipes) (~1.50), noodles for the guys (.37), mixed vegs for all (.43).  About $2.60.

Tuesday:  Nuked Skinny Ravioli Lasagna from the freezer (~4.15), salads (.40).  About $4.50.

Wednesday:  Nuked turkey and gravy (1.50) from the freezer, potatoes for the guys (.40), green beans (FREE).  About $2.00.

Thursday:  Out to Werner Park to see the Storm Chasers play, on DH’s company!  FA-REE!

Friday:  Quiche (<$1.10) in the oven while we get pics for church, salads (.40).  About $1.50.

Saturday:  Grilled pork steaks (2.75), noodles for the guys (.37), grilled apples (.30), cheesy veg TBD.  About $3.75.

These menus will get my family through the week for about $18.60.  When I’m home, I’m also making nicer lunches for the boys and me.  These fill them up so snacks aren’t necessary all the time.  We’re mutating a lot of leftovers for lunches, too.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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