Menu Planning 6/19-6/25/11

I have an “unknown” week ahead.  Always fun times.  I’ve prepared dinner menus based on preparation, not necessarily anything else.  As things come clearer, I can relax about the evenings.  Good plan, yes?

It was so good to have my menu plan last week, with minor shifts, some scary and stressful events, and later work days.  You know, I’ve been menu planning for nearly 30 years — when my paycheck barely covered my rent, after we got married and it wasn’t just me anymore, through the quite lean times, during pregnancies, over soccer seasons, through more lean times, and into this new stage of life as (semi-)working mom.  It never fails to amaze me how well we can eat, and how little we have to toss into the compost, if I just plan it out.  Sure, the week does blow up occasionally, but having a plan really helps.

So here are our dinner menus for this week.  Easy peasy for the chef.

Sunday/Father’s Day:  “Dinch” (dinner/lunch) at the German American Society picnic: brats, chicken, sides, YUM.  $16 for all of us, and well worth it!

Monday: Leftover rotisserie-style chicken from the GAS (they sold leftovers as a fundraiser for Project Hope!) ($4), fries for the guys (.85), salads (.50), zuke for me (.30).  About $5.65, and we’ll likely have leftover chicken for the freezer.

Tuesday:  Meatballs in sauce (1.38), spaghetti for the guys (.25), broccoli (.43).  About $2.06.

Wednesday:  Neighbors over for grillage before they move away 😦 :  Brats ($5), buns (1.40), Loaded Baked Potato Casserole from my freezer (~.80), green salads (.75), baked beans (.40), special dessert ($2).   About 10.35 for seven  $8.35 for six of us, or $1.48 per person.  If I find the ingredients on sale, the adults will be having Husker Sangrias* on the patio. We head beers, which was perfect.

Thursday:  Chicken (~.40, in the freezer, already seasoned) soft tacos (.65), corn for the guys (.43), green salads (.50).  About $2.00.

Friday:  Quick-seared beef steaks (~1.50 for thin-sliced beef), Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes (~$1), green veg TBD (~.50).  About $3.00.

Saturday:  Steamed fish ($4), rice for the guys (.35), peas (.43), carrots (.25), salads (.50).  About $5.55.

These menus will get my family through the week for about $43.00, including the fundraiser dinner out (which comes from a different budget), and guests for a farewell feast!

I didn’t find the ingredients, but here’s the recipe.  Husker Sangria:  Fill a large glass with ice.  Add a shot of fresh cherry juice, fill with apple wine, and mix.  Can be made with apple juice for non-alcoholic drinks.  Got this drink recipe from the vintner at the Arbor Day Farm winery in Nebraska City, who, btw, makes a great light apple wine!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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