Slimmer This Summer: Week 3

Slimmer This Summer is, mmm, going.  Last week was a wash for me.  Actually, not a good week at all. 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  1#
Loss to date:  4.5#
Remaining toward goal:  12.5# 

This week’s goals are to do the hi-protein eating plan (~1,600 cal/day), drink 64 oz of water each day, walk 2 miles three to four times, and lose at least 2 pounds. 

What a week!  It started off great, with a 2# loss by Tuesday!  Yay!  But the week took a turn for the worse, and I ended up only 1# down.  Hey, I’ll take it!  Still.

I thought my exercise would be more.  I did walk two mornings, and one was a 2.5 mile power walk, during which I got some strength training on hills, working till my legs and hips burned, then stretching out on level paths, in intervals.  That felt really good.  But Saturday morning brought thunderstorms, so I did some inside exercises instead.  I did not get to walk around that pond/lake, after all, as my lunch hours were taken up by my wayward sons’ incidents.  (Including their causing a multi-car accident at a traffic light and almost getting run over!)

The stresses of this week, I’m sure, played with my cortisol level, impeding my loss efforts.  Not an excuse, just an explanation.  My one-week work assignment turned out to be NOT all that (and definitely no bag of chips), sitting for hours in increasingly cold AC throughout the day (I wore winter clothes, really).  I did get up and stretch my legs, and stood for much of the work on the last day, but I can still feel the effects on my gluteus.  The assignment is done, and I won’t be going back.  This leaves me with more time next week to work out and eat better, but I do need another job.

About the eating.  Yeah, well.  The week’s issues made me lazy in this regard.  Again, not an excuse, just an observation of my weakness.  All my early breakfasts were high-protein, balanced with fruits, and low fat.  Got me through the mornings, but the stress made me think I was hungry, so I ate a Crackerfuls halfway through each morning.  At ~100 cals and whole grain, it’s not bad as far as processed snacks go, but I should have planned better.  Lunches had me grabbing for carby leftovers Wed-Fri, and that coincides with the regain.  So I know what I need to do: refill my fridge and freezer this weekend with low-carb eats, and plan better.

My water intake was down, although I drank more than 32 oz of water each day, probably 48-ish.  I was frequently dashing to the loo during the day.  I don’t think it got absorbed as well as if I’d been walking around doing stuff.  That’s another thing — sitting for so long gave me tummy cramps and slowed the plumbing process.  Gotta move, so you gotta move, ya know?

Overall, it was an interesting week.  I learned just how sensitive my metabolism has become with age.  I’ve learned I can’t fool it, or rest on my laurels.  Such as they may be.  It’s a constant effort to maintain, let alone lose.  I’m new at this over-50 thing, and it’s quite a challenge.

I have my eye on next week’s progress. “After all, tomorrow is another day!”  (Scarlett O’Hara)  How are your efforts?


9 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 3

  1. Really a pound loss is still great. You lost that with the stress, that is pretty good.
    Focus on the week ahead, I am. last week wasn’t my greatest either.


  2. Discovery of our weaknesses is a good thing for this journey! Once we discover what they are, we can work on fixing them. So, it’s good that you made some discoveries last week!

    Now it’s on to week THREE- leave week two behind and move forward!


  3. Congrats on your pound! I hope the scale show a pound for me too tomorrow!! I don’t think I did that well this week, but the good news is there is always another day and another week Nicole @ Colie’s


  4. Stress is such a diet killer. I never thought about it before, but you are so right!!! At least you ended up with a weight loss. Next week will be better!


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