Slimmer This Summer: Week 2

Slimmer This Summer is well underway!  Last week I did very well. 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  2.0#
Loss to date:  3.5#
Remaining toward goal:  13# 

This week’s goals are to do the eating plan (~1,600 cal/day), drink 64 oz of water each day, walk 2 miles three times, and lose at least 2 pounds. 

I did not stick to my eating plan religiously this week.  I tried, but it was a struggle, and I had a few days of around 1500 cal/day, some with more, with a couple days ending in a scoop of mint chip ice cream.  And I still lost pounds.  That’s because I skipped most of the dinner carbs, and replaced them with additional vegs.  Hi-protein breakfasts and snacks also helped keep the metabolic fire burning.  A look back at my food log shows me healthy eating habits, but I could still cut down on the absent-minded noshing.  Next week I won’t be home and within arm’s reach of my kitchen, so it will be easier to stick with pre-planned eating.

Also, I included a protein shake in my days, to keep that high.  I use “100% Whey,” which I can only find at HyVee.  (I get my chocolate fix that way.)  My teen son is working on strength and upper body muscle this summer, so I have him on shakes, too.  Meals are still within budget.  I’ve been able to take advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegs at sale prices — .99/# strawberries, YES!  Great meat deals have my freezer stocked, and the recent fish sale at Bag N Save has me really stocked on that diet staple.  That and the silly Cheap Chicken of the Sea tuna (.19), not to mention .11 for a package of chicken breasts.

I got tons of exercise this week.  The walking is working.  In addition to two 2-mile walks, I believe I went up and down my basement stairs about a gazillion times getting stuff set up for the garage sale.  My upper arms, thighs and hip muscles really got a workout.  Who says exercise is expensive?!   I made money with the garage sale.  Definitely a Cheap Thrill!  (Plus I got to spend three days with my buddy Dawn.)  And I can feel a difference in my clothes.  My thighs and tummy are firming up!  An outfit I got a couple of weeks ago (an inexpensive cute thing just to get me through the summer) already needs a waist tuck.  And the thighs of those capris are a tad looser.

Now, the object of my fitness program is to replace fat with muscle.  Muscle burns calories even at rest, and more of that is a good thing.  Muscle also weighs more than fat (this is one reason why many women plateau during weight loss), so I’m actually losing more fat than the scale reflects, b/c some of it’s being replaced with heavier muscle.  Muscle is also firmer than fat, and I’ll take that!

Unfortunately, I’m only drinking 40-64 oz of water per day.  Not sure why that is, because I’m constantly reaching for the water bottle.  And it seemed like I was drinking lots more during the pre-sale work.  Next week I don’t anticipate more than 64 oz/day due to a new job assignment and training.

Next week will be more structured for me, and that helps my fitness program.  Thanks for the prayers and finger-crossing; I’m taking on a temp assignment in the department of that open position, to be certain the placement works for both them and me.  So I can plan my eating based on the known schedule, and take a few laps around the pond/lake, to boot.  Weather this week should be accommodating. 

That’s where I am:  clipping along.  How ’bout you?


8 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 2

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing ’cause it’s working.

    I’m going to have to move to Omaha! Our fruits and veggies are always soooo expensive! It’s no wonder why there are so many obese folks in NYC, it’s cheaper to eat the foods that are bad for us. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the 2# loss. I wish I could find deals like that on the groceries. I have a friend that sells at the Farmer’s Market and she gets me pretty good deals on veggies. I’m not so lucky on the protein. Good luck on the temp assignment, hope it works out for both you and them.


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