New Strategies for New Situations – “Diet!”

#3 – “Diet!”

Ah, swimsuit season.  If you didn’t prepare, you are not alone.  To attempt to attone for my greivous sins, I’ve linked up to Slimmer This Summer, a blogging weight loss “challenge.”  And with eating changes for 12 weeks, come shifts in groceries purchased.

Know what?  The best kept “diet” secret is that fresh, whole, quality food doesn’t cost more than junky food!  Especially at this time of year.  In my case, I’m avoiding processed stuff (like ice cream, hot dogs, most convenience items) in favor of the plentiful and CRAZY Cheap vegs and fruits in the stores.  I’m measuring out portions for quick lunches and snacks, and I’m keeping the kids’ cheese and tortillas away from my plain yogurt and Wasa bread.  Not that they’d even look at my tomatoes or anything.

There’s no need to panic when adjusting to a healthier eating pattern.  Look for the deals, but make sure they’re the food your body needs.  Fresh produce.  Even frozen vegs.  Lean meats.  Eggs.  Whole grain bread and crackers.  Cheese.  These are things I typically buy, and I’m Thrilled they’re even cheaper these days.  Okay, except the meat — but you can still find great deals if you look.  With that in mind, I’m still scouring all the grocery ads to find the best prices, and price matching when I have to. 

I must say, Aldi is having some terrific produce deals these days, and I’m making it down there, still, for those and the dairy.   But any store can have great prices on good-for-you foods.  Both Bag N Save and HyVee had pre-portioned 4 oz frozen fish on sale for $1 during the past week.  Split chicken breasts have been at .88/# or .98/# quite often lately.  and 93% lean ground beef (the good stuff) was on sale for just 1.98/# last week.  I hope you got some loaves of Country Hearth bread for Cheap recently.  And .88 for a head of Romaine at Fareway?!  Seriously!

Eggs were .88/doz last week.  Egg whites are a marvelous source of fat-free protein.  Even a whole egg and an egg white make a great diet omelet for .15.  Served on a slice of 100% whole wheat toast at .02, with 1/2 cup sliced strawberries at .12, you’re spending only .29 for breakfast.  You can’t tell me diet food is expensive.

Sure, you can buy the protein drinks, the fancy fruits from halfway around the world, or “diet meal bars.”  But why?  Just eat quality food, cook it without too much fat, and you’re golden.

My family doesn’t “suffer” when I change my eating plan.  Actually, they really enjoy the food I make in this stage.  They just don’t like me to cut out their brown rice, whole wheat noodles, or potatoes.  So they get those, and I don’t.  I get extra zuchinni, which is just fine with them.  I don’t see this as fixing separate meals for them; I see it as making one extra, non-starch side dish for me.  Win-win.

My goals for the next 12 weeks include losing about 1-1/2 to 2 pounds per week.  Well, if I cut out the junk, I can do it.  There’s no better time for that than right now.


2 thoughts on “New Strategies for New Situations – “Diet!”

  1. I don’t see a big similarity in buying fresh whole foods vs. processed foods (in NYC, everything is expensive!) but I do notice that at times I can get more fresh whole foods compared to what I get if I buy processed. But the difference in my body – how I feel, my energy and such – is huge!!


    • That’s just what I was saying. No similarity at all. Fresh is always best, but frozen vegs will do as well if they’re cheaper.


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