Slimmer This Summer: Week 1

Slimmer This Summer officially starts today!  I started prepping last week.  I know I have to wean myself from certain things.  My grocery list included the familiar fresh eating plan foods.  I didn’t get on the plan fully.  But I made progress toward healthier choices, and I’m reworking the dinner menus I made before I knew about this challenge.

You won’t see my actual weight posted here.  But I will post my weekly losses and goal. 

Goal weight loss:  16.5#
Loss this week:  1.5#
Loss to date:  1.5#
Remaining toward goal:  15# 

This week’s goals are to do the eating plan (1,600 cal/day), drink 64-80 oz of water each day, walk 2 miles three times, and lose at least 2 pounds. 

While I fully engaged the eating plan on Sunday, I have already reduced my calorie intake substantially by cutting out some cheese, the peanut butter, the sweet desserts (okay, except for one), and many dinner carbs (potatoes, rice, noodles).  I added fresh fruit (mostly berries on sale this week) to breakfast, lunch and after dinner.  I didn’t dip my finger nearly as much when I iced those cookies for the luncheon, either.  I can’t count how many times I said, “No,” to myself or others. 

I did pan-grill several 4-oz portions of chicken breast (.88/#) and some 93% lean beef (1.99/#) patties to grab from the freezer for lunches.  Prepped vegs (crazy cheap) for freezer and fridge (strawberries .99/# and blueberries 1.39/pt).  Stocked up on eggs (.88/doz).  Got the plain yogurt (<$2) for me, because the boys won’t touch it.   Marked stuff, “MOM’S!” 

My 32-oz water bottle was pulled from the back of the cabinet, and I started using it to better track my water (which is filtered).  I drink plenty as it is, when I think I want food, before and at meals, and throughout the day.  But this way I know two of these gals is my goal.  I’ve taken in at least two bottles-worth (64 oz) each day since Wednesday.

I started walking.  I think I’m going to have to forego my 30-minute aerobic/strength training expectation, however.  Nothing like a lingering concussion from smacking your head on an icy driveway.  And by lingering I mean since February 4.  Even warming up is making me dizzy.  It’s much better than it was, but I’m going to have to get my aerobics from brisk walking, and settle for weight-bearing exercise instead, until I get fully recovered.  I walked four times, from 1/4 mile to 2 miles.

In the few days since I committed to this, and made small changes, I’ve lost a pound and a half.  Much of it is retained fluids, I know, but I’m toning and strengthening the muscle I have, until I can build more.

In lieu of a food log for this first post, I’ll tell you that I am drastically cutting back on unuseful carbs (Who brought those Pringles in this house?!), watching portions strictly (Just one more little nibble.), and loading up on vegs and fruits (No-guilt yum.).  Protein is in every meal and snack.  Fresh is the word, which works well with summer produce offerings.

So that’s where I am.  At the beginning and doing well so far.  How ’bout you?


15 thoughts on “Slimmer This Summer: Week 1

  1. Whoa–sorry about your concussion! I’m trying to keep a badly sprained ankle (hey–icy driveway–what a coincidence!) from getting re-injured.

    Why is it so hard to remember not to have a bite of whatever I’m making for my daughter? A little cottage cheese…a little peanut butter…

    Good luck and I’ll enjoy following you!


    • Lizzie, it’s true. Every little bite counts. I saw an article or news item once where the reporter kept large baggie of everything she would have normally put in her mouth from her kids’ plates. (Waste not, want not, and all.) It added up to more than 400 calories! In ONE day!


  2. Sounds like you are doing some of the same things that I am doing for the Slimdown (more protein, vegs, fruits and less carbs.) Good luck!


  3. Good Job on the weight loss.!!!!!!!

    Trivia answer Warren Buffet.

    Another question: Which Female singing/ fashion (??) superstar is dating someone from Springfield, NE. She also does her best writng here she says is is quiet. …….

    PS thank you for the wood conditoning products cannot wait to try them. DH and DD are going to be gone this weekend may give it a try. Keep UP THE GOOD WORK.


    • No fair, Jana, since you’re from here! But (hugs), anyway! You can join us in this challenge. Enjoy the Howard Products! As to your trivia, is it Taylor Swift? (I have no clue but #1 suggested that.)


  4. I’m walking too and, as of yesterday, I started adding some running WAIT! Did you say Pringles?????? LOL

    The water intake is going to be difficult for me- I’m not a fan of water but I’m determined to drink it! My reward will be green tea at night sweetened with Splenda.

    I think this challenge is going to be awesome!


  5. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. I have to ask, what’s the eating plan foods? Is it a specific plan you’re following? It sound like you’re off to a great start, congrats on the loss.


  6. Looks like you are off to a great start, I wish you luck in the challenge.

    Tidbit: I visited the States a couple of years ago and landed in Omaha before driving to Council Bluffs to stay for a couple of weeks. It was the first time I ever saw snow! Useless info I know, but I really had a great time there. 🙂


  7. your goals sound great! I look forward to following during the challenge!

    BTW.. I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Canada. I do miss it sometimes.. and I’ll be keeping up with your blog, to send frugal ideas to my sister, who is still in Omaha. 🙂


    • Small world, indeed, ladies! Trivia question for a….mmmmm….hug. Who is Omaha’s most famous current resident? Hint: He plays bridge with the richest man in America. But he is thrifty.


  8. The heat is already affecting me (heat rashes, mosquito bites like mad so my legs have a bunch of big pink blotches as they heal).

    I haven’t figured out what to do as an alternate to walking when summer in Miami hits in full humid and hurricane watch force, but I will. 🙂

    I wish you the best on the challenge. May you exceed your goals. I’ll be praying daily for all the challengers…and hoping for loads of grace for our good health…


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