Stay Local

You may have heard by now that All You, a magazine for lots of great coupons, with a website for more coupons, launched a new feature Thursday that the web media think is the best thing since sliced bread.  In theory it is, but I’ve tested it, so please read this whole post before you decide.

The feature is the Grocery Circular Roundup.  It’s supposed to collect data on all area grocery ad circulars, combine them in a nifty database, and allow you to use it to find deals, coupon matchups and specific items on sale.  If it worked, it would make blogs like this easier to write (and you wouldn’t need to visit me — how sad would that be).

However, I tested the listings, and found a few items on sale this week locally that are not listed in their data.   I haven’t been able to find some of the buttons it says to use to make some features work.  These things might work themselves out.  Still, what about store-specific circulars?  Grand opening sales?  In-ad coupon deals?  Tearpad coupon matchups?  Product package coupons?  The Omaha DMA coupons (which are different from other markets)?

The tool may work eventually, for many of the general-ad deals.  But I’m thinking the best way to find the best local deals is to continue to visit Cheap Thrills in Omaha for coupon matchups, where you get the details of the deals, the nuances and quirks.  I’m in the stores with you (although my process is changing), too, so you’ll get the scoop on special finds!

Tell us what you think.


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