New Strategies for New Situations – Rerouting

#2 – Rerouting Stores

As of yesterday, my daily routine has changed.  My son is done at his magnet elementary program.  He’ll be going to a different school next year, near our house, and I won’t have to drive him!  I can’t tell you how much this Thrills me.  Because of this change, a huge developmental step for him and our family, I will also be going to work permanently.  Immediately or in August is not yet determined, but changes are happening. 

No longer will I be passing 132/Center four times per day, or dashing into SuperTarget on Maple to pick up deals on the way to the high school.  No more quick zips into SuperSaver since I’m down there.  I’ll have to reroute my stores (particularly grocery stores), and my trips.  And I’ll start doing it today.

This means that I’ll have to figure out a new way to shop, at different stores, with different routines.  It means I’ll have to plan my grocery trips even more carefully, and use my time even more effectively.  That’ll be difficult since I’m pretty organized right now, but a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.  It means my stops at Aldi will be planned for possibly every other week instead of a couple of times per week.  Their milk has a long expire, and I can use that to my advantage.  I know I’ll be regularly going to Bag N Save.  Target will still see me at least twice per month (but not on Tuesday mornings anymore), and WalMart’s PM and coupon policies might get me in there once a week or so, as well.

Sometimes it’s necessary to make major shifts in shopping: moving to another city or to another part of your city; changing travel routes; kids’ changing schools; losing or obtaining a job.  Having a plan, and planning for that plan, makes life so much easier.  I’ve really been blessed to enjoy daytime opportunities to run my errands for the past two decades.  Now I have the opportunity to learn new ways of getting bargains.

My plan is to review all the Wednesday grocery ads as usual and work out the coupon matchups.  For my own trips, I’ll be getting the best deals at Bag N Save, and PMing at WalMart for the rest.  At least to start, until something else works better.  Also, at least during the summer, I’ll head to a store one evening per week to do a thorough shop for clearance bargains.  I do that during the day right now, but the slight shift will fit in with my new schedule. 

The good thing about rerouting my stores during the summer months is that our schedules are much more flexible, and the chance of ice and snow storms is pretty minimal (although this is Nebraska).  My guys can get where they’re going together on foot, and we can still enjoy pool time in the evenings.  By the time detasseling season hits in July, we’ll be ready to accommodate the change.  Then in August, we’ll be so flexy-bendy we can handle those BTS changes, too.  As you can tell, I’ve dreamed thought about this for a long time.

Know the stores around your home, along your daily route, and near the Super Centers.  Find the weekly deals here at Cheap Thrills.  Get your coupons together, and plan your trips!  Figure out what works best for you and your situation.  Frugal living doesn’t just “happen.”  You make it happen.  That can take time, weeks or sometimes months.

What has worked for you when you’ve made a big change?

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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