Menu Planning 5/22-5/28/11

Wow, did I get off track last week!  I was distracted, and my concussion is still messing with my focus.  Anyway, we ate, and ate well.  I just pulled some meals from the wrong week, and traded some days.  Oops.

I did a freezer inventory, and planned out some makeable meals, which went into the freezer:  Frozen French Toast, Bucket Lasagna, French bread pizzas, Crocked chicken divided into meal-size bags, seasoned and ready to go (bbq, Mexi, plain), Spice-Rubbed Picnic Chicken (America’s Test Kitchen), Italian dump chicken, blanched corn on the cob, and quiches.  Great deals on eggs — .89/doz! — and chicken (.99/# split chicken breasts).

I’m also making some more cookies for a volunteer event.  I’m liking this cookie thing.  I rediscovered some of my fun cookie cutters!

This week is finals for #1, and last full week for #2.  I like to have some familiar, comfy dishes for them this time of year.  Then after things really lighten up for the summer, we grill more.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus for this week:

Sunday:  Boys:  rope sausage (1.75 for their portions), rice (.20) and green beans (.25) (about $2.20 for their meal); Adults: pan-grilled boneless pork chops (2.66), cheesy rice (FREE), salads (.15) (about $2.81 for our meal)

Monday:  Using last Papa Murphy’s Daily Deal voucher, so FREE! with leftovers for lunches! 🙂

Tuesday:  From the freezer:  BBQ chicken (~1.50) on buns (.30), slaw (~$.75), chips ($1) (about $3.80 for the meal)

Wednesday:  breaded pork chops (~$3.25), buttered boiled potatoes (.50), green veg TBD (~.75) (about $4.50 for the meal)

Thursday: From the freezer:   Bucket Lasagna made with meatballs (~$2), salads (.30) (about $2.50 for the meal)

Friday:  Chicken (1.50) pesto (.60) pasta (.69) (about $2.80 for the meal)

Saturday: From the freezer:  cheesy chicken rice broccoli casserole (~$2), salads (.30) (about $2.30 for the meal)

These menus will get my family, including guests, through the week for about $22. 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



2 thoughts on “Menu Planning 5/22-5/28/11

  1. Very intrigued with the Bucket Lasagna made with meatballs. Do you have a recipe to share – the one online seems very vague. I need some easy make ahead recipes to make and freeze to use after baby #2 comes in October.


    • No recipe. I pretty much followed the PROCESS of the recipe linked, but I had a bunch of meatballs to use up, so I sliced and used those instead of ground beef.


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