Great Cookies: Better Than “Designer”

scoutcookiesMy oldest son recently achieved his Eagle Scout rank!  This is quite an achievement, and while he is very low-key about these kinds of things, we wanted to have a nice reception following the award ceremony.  So it was cookies, lemonade and coffee.

Those of you who followed the saga of the 600 cookies last fall may remember the variety and freezer space issues.  I fixed that for this event.  One shape of sugar cookie, iced simply, and, most importantly, made ahead of time!  Here are the recipes I used:  Roll-Out Cookies, Cookie Icing/Frosting That Hardens, and patience.  I used the 4.25″ fleur de lis cookie cutter HERE at The Cookie Cutter Shop (always great cutters, always super fast).

As before, I made “blanks” of the fleur de lis, one batch at a time, as schedules allowed.  I added a smidgen extra vanilla to enhance the flavor.  Because these cookies were so large, I made them a little thicker than I normally would.  I used two chopsticks as guides for thickness — 1/4″.  This makes a nice, hefty cookie.  I froze each batch after cooling, lying flat on a tray in the upright freezer.  As long as the cookies are kept flat, and kept in an airtight freezer container, they stay fresh for a few months.  I use freezer zipper bags, careful not to fill too much, so that they close easily.

Next came the icing.  The recipe  I used was too thick, and the reviews mentioned that.  So I knew to add 1 Tablespoon each milk and corn syrup.  The almond extract adds the “wow” flavor, and the vanilla mellows it out.  Drying time can be considered cooking time, as the flavors blend and it tastes better when dry.  I used a small butter server knife to spread the icing easily.

scoutcookieAfter these dried thoroughly, I made two batches of outline icing, using half a can of red icing and half a can of blue icing.  I added some leftover Icing That Hardens to each, to make the perfect consistency.  Into quart zipper bags they went, corners snipped, and away I went.  After about 5 cookies, it was a breeze to outline these.

It does take a loooong time for the outline icing to dry and harden.  These went on cookie sheets under the ceiling fan in the dining room.  Then it was okay to stack and cover the trays.  I’m just now noticing a little bleeding of the red in this pic.  But in real life, you can’t tell.

These make awesome cookies for any occasion, depending on the shape you cut.  80 cookies cost about $5 total (because of the butter).  But my guys always say that there’s a secret ingredient, which there is, that makes my cookies better.  I’m going to use this recipe for next year’s 800 cookies for the Christmas concert.  (I have a special cutter, too, for that event.)

I’ve had a lot of folks ask me lately if I run a cookie business.  Hmm.  Interesting.  I’ll have to consider that.  I enjoy making the cookies, and have done a little this and that over the years.  It’s all about that secret ingredient, you know.

I did try to make this easy for my busy week, by visiting Cookies by Design at 132/Center.  I was very disappointed with the clerk’s lack of interest in my needs, and the cookies would have been $3.50 each, if they got my request correct!  She had no idea what a fleur de lis is, even after I drew it, and I was not confident I would get what I needed.  I was also not offered a sample (not even a part of a broken cookie, and I was prepared to order 100 of these before I heard  the price).  I have heard these are “wonderful,” but I cannot recommend them because of service.


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