Menu Planning: 5/8-5/14/11

This week is doable.  This week is doable.  I can get through this week….

ILs coming Friday for the weekend.  DH working late every night.  Extra meetings and activities (of course!).  But I can do it!

With what’s left of my freezer stash (laughable, but existent), I’ve created dinner menus for the week.  Okay, so a couple of nights are cheating.  But we rarely go out, and with everything else going on, I’m taking healthy advantage of the celebratory activities.  I’m fighting the last of this allergy terrorism, so I’m making this week as easy as possible in the kitchen.

I do have to finish the cookies for Saturday’s ceremony.  They’re made and frozen, and about 1/4 are iced.  So it’s just really icing the rest.  I’m using this icing recipe, which is awesome.  I’ll post about this when I have pics.  80 cookies cost about $4 total (because of the butter).  (After the 696 cookies, this was a breeze!)  I did try to make this easy, too, by visiting Cookies by Design at 132/Center.  I was very disappointed with the clerk’s lack of interest in my needs, and the cookies would have been $3.50 each, if they got my request correct!  She had no idea what a fleur de lis is, even after I drew it, and I was not confident I would get what I needed.  I was also not offered a sample (not even a part of a broken cookie, and I was prepared to order 100 of these before I heard  the price).  I have heard these are “wonderful,” but I cannot recommend them because of service.

Anyway, here’s what’s on our dinner menus for this week:

Sunday:  Mother’s Day:  FREE pizza! using Go Daily Deal for Papa Murphy’s at 120/Center, which I got for FREE.  Then I got FREE frozen yogurt at TCBY.  The boys obligingly got simple cones and cups.

Monday: early meetings in different directions:  Leftover pizza (DH takes some to work for dinner there), and small salads (.35)

Tuesday:  more activities:  Crock Pot split pea soup (peas 1.18) with the (frozen) ham bone from Easter, Rhodes crusty rolls (.99)

Wednesday:  a breather:  Frozen chicken marinara ($1), leftover frozen linguine (~.50), salads (.35)

Thursday:  last-minute cleaning scramble:  Turkey (frozen cooked roast, ~$3) stir-fry (~$1 vegs), with rice (.40)

Friday:  band concert night:  FREE pizza from Papa Murphy’s (it pays to buy deals in bulk), salads for six ($1)

Saturday:  #1’s Eagle Scout ceremony!  Out to his favorite German restaurant afterward.

These menus will get my family, including guests, through the week for about $10 (not including dinner out, because there’s always a fight for the bill). 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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