CT Ventures to Wally World….I Know, Right?!

For more than a week, I’ve been battling the evil demon Allergy.  It is Legion.  I’m just sayin’. 

When it came to feeding the fam and stocking paper goods, well, I didn’t have it in me to stop at my normal places.  Plus, I kept forgetting my list (meds will do that), and wasn’t going to spend the gas to go back. 

I’ve been hearing about the new ad match (aka price match) policy and the new coupon policy at WalMart, so I decided to try it out again, hoping they fixed their “oil glitch.”  Things change, employees change, and I was desperate for a quick but thrifty grocery hunting trip.

Because I was PMing in far northwest Omaha, I did stop by Customer Service first to verify that I could PM SuperSaver, the new  Lakeside Baker’s, and Menard’s.  (The gals didn’t know that the new policy that the manager sets his own territory.)  I was told that any Omaha ad could be matched at the store.  The gals said their store is “pretty lenient,” which is a good sign.  I also knew that I could no longer PM store brands (which was previously a big savings for me).  So I began my journey.

Produce matched (hasn’t always matched brand for brand), and almost everything on my list was in the aisles.  They don’t carry Old Orchard, so I’ll make a purposeful stop for that before Wednesday.  But I found everything else, including milk, which I got for less than Aldi milk, and very welcome orange juice.  I grabbed a few beautiful boneless pork chops, too, for 2.66 total.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the checkout, and all my matches went well.  I wasn’t asked for my ads, but had them, just in case.  The cashiers all seemed very PM and coupon friendly this trip.

Using coupons with PM prices was not an issue.  I used a coupon for $1/fresh meat tearpad coupon wyb 1 Mrs. Dash, which I PMd to Menard’s for 1.98.  I also used .55 Dole salad blends manuf coupons which I PMd with No Frills at 2.50 (1.95 each).  I used .50 Roberts milk manuf coupons which I PMd to SuperSaver at 2.48 (1.98 each).  I have not yet tried to use competitors’ Catalinas at WalMart, but I will try them with PMs when I do.

So it was a pretty successful trip.  In and out quickly, spending less than $32, and no ‘tude.  I have a couple of crazy weeks ahead, so I may try this again.  I know I said before that I’d rather PM at Target, but that’s changed, too.  I’m flexy-bendy when I have to be.  I’ll give it another go, and see if I get similar results.

What has been your experience with the new WalMart policies?


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