Menu Planning: 5/1-5/8/11

I’m not down to the basics anymore.  I’ve picked up some Cheap items for my pantry and freezer, and now I’m working them into the menu plans.  Not much, but enough that it’s not pure pantry living now.

I picked up a few packages of 90% lean ground beef over the past few weeks at Aldi for about $1.50/#!  Nice for the freezer.  And you may have read about my terrific chicken deals at Target.  Also nice for the freezer.  And both will be good for grillage later in the month.  We haven’t fired that up yet this spring; it’s been too windy on the really nice days.

This week is biz-ZEE!  A few early evening meetings, a birthday, and lots of getting ready for a big event.  Plus, I’m running half full in the energy tank due to a bug.  So I’ve planned some easy-peasy stuff and an “I-don’t-have-to-cook-HEY!” evening.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus:

Sunday:  Chicken noodle soup (.50), crackers (~.50)

Monday:  Salisbury steak from the freezer ($2), nuked potatoes (~.30), carrots (.25)

Tuesday:  Tuna (.39/can x 3) noodle (.35) casserole (.60 for “stuff”), green salads (.50)

Wednesday:  DH’s birthday:  #1 makes his famous sauerkraut (leftover unopened ingredients from a cooking competition), brats (a splurge from Stoysich at $6, but they’re huge and so worth it!), boiled potatoes (~.30); DH wants to make a cheesecake for himself (??)

Thursday:  Crocked Italian-inspired split chicken breasts (.88/#), with sliced peppers ($1) and Italian seasonings (~.25), pasta side dish (~.40)

Friday:  Mac & cheese from the freezer (~$1.25), salads (.50)

Saturday:  Turkey taco soup (turkey .99; beans .49 x 3; corn .20; tomatoes .35 x 2), cornbread (.32) with creamed corn (.20)

These menus will get my family through the week for about $24 (rounded up). 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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