New Nature Luxe from Cover Girl

Cover Girl has a new line of cosmetics/skin care that I was asked to try, and to report on.  It’s called the NatureLuxe Collection, “luxury touched by nature.”  The ad campaign features an alluring Taylor Swift and targets a young market.

NatureLuxe’s push is that it gives “a light, fresh yet flawless look…the ‘naturally polished’ look.”  [Editorial emphasis]  It’s made with jojoba and rosehip extracts, fruit water, and cucumber water.  It’s oil-free, has SPF 10, and retails for about $11.99 for 1 fl oz.  The gloss balm has a very slight hint of color, SPF 15, and retails for about $6.49 for a .67 tube.

I was excited to try these products.  The silk foundation goes on incredibly smoothly for an oil free product.  It does have other emmolients, which explains the great feel.  Color is accurate, and coverage is good, with a lighter look and feel than the product I usually use (Cover Girl Simply Ageless with Olay).  The look of my skin was fresh and youthful, and I can see this as a nice summertime makeup.

However, there’s only an SPF 10 in the foundation.  That concerns me.  I wish it was 15 or even 20, especially since this product is being marketed to young gals who should be taking extra care against UV rays. 

The glossy balm is a lip balm with bright pigment, designed to go on lightly and give a “natural look.”  I can’t read the ingredients, but there’s something in there that doesn’t like my lips.  I used the product two days, and by the end of the second day, my top lip was dreadfully flaky.  It took three days of exfoliating, treating with medicated lip balm, and using my regular tinted lip balm (Burt’s Bees), for my lip to return to almost normal.  I won’t be using the glossy balm, even though the light, sheer color looked fantastic!

For younger gals, without the sensitivity I have, who can get by with sheer coverage, this product would be worth a try.

I reviewed this product through Bzz Agent.  Bzz has provided me with product and coupons in exchange for my honest review of the product. 

I have (5) coupons for $2/1 NatureLuxe silk foundation.  If you would like one, please leave a comment below, and complete the email address field (which will not appear with your comment), and I’ll get you one while they last.



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