My Square-Foot Garden is In!

I’ve planted my square-foot garden! Well, except for the tomatoes, which will go in on Mother’s Day or the day after.

For the past few years I’ve planted tomatoes, and last year was a bust.  I started following, and signed up for her mailings that detail weekly what you should be doing in your garden.  Awesome!  I’ve seen a whole cycle, and am really confident that this year’s Cheap Thrills garden will yield great results.

I like because Emily closely follows the original Square Foot Gardening principles, and makes it really easy to understand.  She gives confidence to the average Jane or Joe, too, with her videos and self-reports.

This year, instead of just tomatoes and accidental herbs, my garden will grow:

  • a Topsy Turvy of tomatoes, above
  • one square-foot container of bush beans
  • one square-foot container of green onions
  • one square-foot container of leaf lettuce
  • one square-foot container of carrots
  • basil and oregano (gifts) among the annuals in the patio container

I used old containers that were almost ready for recycling (faded, a little cracked, certainly not patio-worthy).  They’re cubes, 1′ x 1′ x 1.25′, by coincidence!  These sit side-by-side along an unused  area against the back of the garage.  I actually had my tomatoes in two of these in the same place.  Lots of sun, lots of irrigation.

We’ll see how they do.  My biggest challenge is going to be keeping the containers watered until the sprinkler system gets turned on, repaired, and on a regular timed schedule.

Are you putting in an edible garden this year?

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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