Menu Planning: 4/17-4/24/11 — Down to Basics Edition #7?

Oops.  I missed last week’s menu posting.  It was a rough go, but I think I’ve regrouped.  Thank goodness I had my menu plans worked out well in advance!  Still, we did rearrange some meals because I forgot to thaw, but it’s all good.

These are the last few weeks of eating from pantry and freezer.  I did get some incredible deals, free chicken, and cereal, so our cupboards aren’t bare or anything.  It feels good to eat down the stash.  And I still can’t believe how abundantly blessed we are!  Even with donating bags and bags to Scouting for Food, and Project Hope, we have much Daily Bread to be thankful for.

This week we have a birthday, but are trying to otherwise eat Spartanly.  It is, after all, Passion Week, and we make our own token sacrifices in pitiful offering.  Normally, some of the meals on the menu would be served on different days of this week; however, the birthday revises that this year.  Here’s what’s planned for dinner at our home this week:

Sunday:  out too late at a Scout Eagle ceremony, so Papa Murphy’s take n bake pizza  (~$12 — YIKES!!)

Monday:  dinner that was planned for Sunday:  roasted chicken ($2.50), rice/veg blend Steamers (2 x .43)

Tuesday:  jumbo turkey franks (.50) in tortillas (.99), roasted home fries (~.50), carrot sticks (~.20)

Wednesday: Healthy Harvest spaghetti (.59) with marinara (.73), salads (.50)

Thursday:  Birthday dinner:  stuffed pizza burgers (Italian sausage ~$2, beef $1.50/#, cheese .50), roasted home fries (~.50), salads (.50)

Good Friday:  broiled fish (~$2.85), barley (nearly free), peas (.43)

Saturday:  Crocked pot roast (1.88/#), roasted sweet potatoes (.33/#), arugula salad (?)

Easter Sunday:  glazed spiral cut ham ($1.49/#), mashed potatoes (too cheap!), carrots (~.50), salad (.50), crescent rolls (.99), lamb cake (~ 1.88)

These menus (less the pizza) will get my family through the week for about $27 — and that’s a high week — but I have most of the ingredients on-hand already, so out of pocket cost is minimal. 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?


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