What is Cheap Thrills Doing This Weekend? — The Toilet Edition

I was looking forward to a lazy weekend.

Not so much.

Thursday evening, I stepped into the powder room (half bath on the main floor), and into a puddle.  Thank goodness it was clean water!  After a few screams for help, three towels and two sets of eyes, we discovered the water intake washer is kaput and the toilet is dripping slowly but steadily.  An empty food container came to the immediate rescue.  Today I do the rest.

We have three toilets in the house, and at various times each has been thusly offensive.  I’ve fixed the other two, replacing the intake hose with a reinforced flex hose while I was at it.  So today I make a trip to Westlake Ace for what I need  for this one.  I’ll drain the tank, dry it out, undo all the hoses, clean, replace washers and hoses.  This requires turning off the house water supply, just to be safe, so I’m grateful my guys will all be picking up your donations for Scouting for Food today.

Why didn’t I notice the leak before now?  This is one room I delegate to #2 to clean.  Boys must be taught how to clean a bathroom (their future wives will thank me), and this is a tiny place to start.  Ten-year-old boys are not observant of what is unusual; to them, life is all as it should be.  I’ve been so distracted this week (second week of back-to-back spring breaks, plus working), that a quick dash into the powder room while mentally occupied was about all I could handle.  Until the puddle.

So here’s my advice:  About once a month, while you’re cleaning the bathroom (or inspecting your son’s cleaning of the bathroom), put your hand under the tank where the water intake is.  If it’s wet, you should repair/replace immediately.  While you’re at it, every three or four months, do the same thing under your sinks at the water intake to the faucets, as well as along the S drain.  I’ve found leaks there, too, and they’re an easy DIY fix (for another post).

“A stitch in time saves nine!”  Don’t you love Ben Franklin?


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