Hamburger Helper Yourbucks Deal!

I went to No Frills today, and asked the MoD how price matching would work with the Helper meals Yourbucks deal.  She said she wasn’t sure, and no one else had asked her.  Then she pointed out to me (duh) that the Yourbucks deal is for cash off your next hamburger, chicken or tuna purchase…not more Helper meals.  So here’s what I did, and how it worked for me:

Purchased 5 Tuna Helper meals, price matched to Bag N Save at $1 each (btw, they are checking every price in every ad now)

– .75/3 insert coupon

– (2) .50/1 printables

= 3.25 (.65 each)

Got $3 Yourbucks

Purchased 6 Our Family tuna cans at .50 each

– $3 Yourbucks


We’re putting it all in the Scouting for Food donation bags.  Remember to put out your donations tomorrow morning.


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