No Food Section For CT: “Woe To Me!”

“Woe to me,” says the aunt character in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  I hear ya!

I didn’t get my weekly grocery ad mailer yesterday.  New mail guy; adjustment pains; blah, blah.  However, I also notice lots of job postings for Food Express delivery in points west, and I’m wondering if they discontinued using the USPS for delivery, and maybe my upset with Mr. Mail Guy is misplaced. 


Please know that I am making do this week, as I have in the past, by using the online ads.  Bummer — there’s an additional Smart Source in my Wednesday section.  There are also additional paper ads included, of which I won’t have full knowledge (and therefore can’t verify).  You’ll probably find more deals, so Please Share Them Here!

This also means that this week I can’t price match.  Woe to me!


2 thoughts on “No Food Section For CT: “Woe To Me!”

  1. Stumbled upon your blog while researching after watching “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. I am a mail carrier in Omaha. What may have happened is that every house that is supposed to get ads has a red card with it, and the red card for your house may have been misrouted, or destroyed by the processing machines.

    The World Herald is trying not to mail the weekly ad to homes if they can get a paper carrier to deliver them. The reason is they pay USPS $.90 per paper to have them mailed and they pay the paper carriers $.09 for them to be delivered to your driveway.

    If it happens again that you don’t get your Wed ad, call the post office early on Thurday morning, and they should be able to get one out to you that day. Or they probably might still have some laying around even tomorrow, Friday, so it might not hurt to call and ask-so that you can do your price matching.


    • Thanks, Pat! Actually, my mail guy did let me know our route was dropped from USPS delivery. I did call OWH when I got home late Thurs., and the courier just dumped it in the rain, in the path of the drainage flow, of course. No SuperSaver circular, no second SS coupon set. I guess I don’t like drastic, unexplained change, especially when it affects my daily routine. I have to keep reminding myself it’s all about the money w/OWH.


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