Easter Cake Pops!

I love Bakerella’s cake pops!  (These are my version of turkey pops.  I’m not serving them for Easter.)

On occasion, I make cake pops, and they taste really great, but don’t look as great as the inspiration pics.  And there is inspiration to spare at Bakerella!  Take a look at these pages for amazement and wonder:

Spring Pops

Easter Pops

More Easter Pops

More Spring Pops

I ran out of the lollipop sticks around Valentine’s Day, and haven’t gotten more.  These make me want to run right out for them, and all the sprinkles I can find.  I LOVE the chicks and the eggs.  You can get her book (with even more inspiration!) at BooksAMillion on L Street/120, any Borders, or any Barnes & Noble, or online at Amazon.

If you don’t know, Bakerella is on the transplant register for another kidney.  She is promoting organ donation this month, and you might read her story on her site.


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