My (Ad)venture at Walgreen’s — And A Clearance Deal

Now that I’ve been baptized into the world of Walgreen’s deals (and it “took” this time! 🙂 ), I decided to put together my own deal and Register Rewards scenario.

Umm.  Well.  It went well until I totally bungled by miscalculating the cost of the Freshmatic.  What was I thinking?!  Here’s how I wrote it down:

Freshmatic B1G1F
– 1 Freshmatic 
– $4 MQ
– $4 MQ
Total = -.02


I honestly do not know where I got the product dollar amount, as I tossed the other scrawled scribbled draft sheet (and I’m not going to the garage to dig it out of the chicken bones, sorry).  But it was a HUGE miscalculation, and even though I ended up with $10 RR at the end of my visit, I spent much more OOP than I’d intended.  I almost cried, b/c I had to use my credit card.

I have to tell you that the cashiers at the store I went to were very patient with me.  And that, above all else, made it a worthwhile trip.  It helps there was not a line, and that they just smiled silently as I pulled aside and tried to calculate the deal-gone-wrong.

That’s Lesson #2.  I have decided to create a rudimentary Excel spreadsheet so I can pop in the deals I think will work, and it will calculate my costs, including taxes.

Look for clearance on Colgate Total Extra something Care toothpaste.  These are marked at 1.99.  There is a $1/1 MQ from 3/6 SS exp 3/26.  I wasn’t sure these clearance items would be included in the B1G1F sale, and I only had one MQ, so I chose not to try it.  But, if it is part of the B1G1F sale, and you had 2 MQs, you could get both for FREE plus tax!  Do clearance items usually work with current BxGxF promos?  

Here’s the total of my Walgreen’s haul today:

Transx 1:

Always Maxi 22 ct 2.99
–  .50 Always MQ
Plackers $2
Colgate toothpaste .99 w/WQ
– .75 Colgate MQ
Colgate toothpaste .99 w/WQ
– .75 Colgate MQ
2 Dove singles bar candy (not the soap!) .98
– .75/2 Dove MQ
– $5 Almay RR from yesterday
tax = .38
Total = .58
Got $2 Plackers RR
Got $2 Always RR

Transx 2:

Freshmatic 15.49
Freshmatic 15.49
– 15.49 B1G1F Freshmatic
Intuition refills 8.99
2 Snickers eggs $1
1 Butterfinger egg .50
2 Power Bars 1.98
– $10 Tena RR from yesterday
– $2 Plackers RR
– $2 Always RR
tax = 1.35
Total = 7.31
Got $3 Intuition RR


Tranx 3:

Tena pads 9.99
– 2.50 Tena MQ printable
M&Ms .49
– $3 Intuition RR
tax = .55
Total = 5.53
Got $10 Tena RR


Tranx 4:

Celadrin $10
– $10 Tena RR
tax = .55
Total = .55
Got $10 Celadrin RR


So there you go.  I would have paid much less than $13.97 OOP for this had I had my head screwed on straight.  The affects of my recent concussion linger.  The spreadsheet should help.  I know I can have them void a deal, or product, or return items.

Okay, I’m done Walgreen-ing for the week.  Sure, I could go back and forth doing the Tena thing and the Celadrin thing, getting some FREE products, but I think I’d better balance out my brain.


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