Menu Planning: 3/20-3/26/11 — Down to Basics Edition #4

I start a new work assignment this week, and that’s always a jolt to the family schedule.  So the dinner menus I’ve already planned will work well!  Such variety from my freezers and pantries, still.  We’ve eaten leftovers instead of some planned menus, so now my stash should take me through early May. 

How often we take advantage of the abundance we are given.  This Down to Basics series is really bringing it home regarding the gifts we have, including the gifts between our ears.  I am more determined now to help those that don’t have the basics.  In addition to my grocery deals, I’ve dipped a toe into the Walgreen’s deal waters.  I’ve been quite inspired by this guy’s story — I’m still reading through it, but it gets very interesting, and he donates much more than he eats.

The weather’s in the 70s this week, but still not warm enough to grill outside.  Well, yes, it is, but we haven’t opened up the grill yet.  Here’s our dinner menu this week (these meals feed four, one a male teen):

Sunday:  Pan-grilled pork chops (1.51), Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes (~$1), green beans (.25) — About $2.75

MondaySweet Salsa Dump Chicken – OAMC (chicken 1.59/#, salsa ~$1, jam ~.25, taco seasoning .10), Perfect Microwave Rice (.10/serving), corn (.25) — About $4.75

 Tuesday:  Various smoked sausages (~$2), homemade steak fries (~.30), homemade slaw (~.10 – cabbage was .18/#)  — About $2.50
Wednesday:  Homemade bean soup w/four cans (.59 each), tomatoes (.49) and homemade stock (count as FREE), biscuits (~.50) — About $3.50 with leftovers for lunch

Thursday:  Chicken parmesan and sauce from the freezer ($2), whole grain spaghetti (FREE), salads (.50) — About $2.50

Friday:  Leftover spaghetti and marina, salad — About $.75 for one

Saturday:  Chicken breast (.50), rice (.10), vegs (.40) — About $1.00 for one

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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