My Walgreen’s Venture

Usually I don’t shop at Walgreen’s unless it is an emergency or a huge convenience issue.  I’ve had some bad experiences, particularly with trying to use coupons, not getting rebates, and encountering attitudinal employees.  It just wasn’t worth the effort.

But this week I’ve been reading Eating Well on $1 A Day and seeing in a different way how the blogger actually put together and details those deals to make money with rewards, which he then used to purchase food for himself; the items he didn’t use went to the local food bank.  I think I get the concept now.  But would this work for me? 

I headed over to Wild for Wags, where Christie outlines the deals at Walgreen’s.  There is awesome information on there!  The deals are clearly outlined, along with details of how they’re calculated.  I sat down with the current ad, coupons and my laptop, and planned my attack.  I would make this work!

When I went in the store yesterday on a reconnoissance mission, I asked all kinds of questions to clarify how to do RR deals, how to use Wags coupons, etc.  I explained that I was new to the RR and using coupons at Wags.  That was absolutely true; Wags changed its policies, and I was totally clueless how to do deals there, even though I am certainly not a general coupon newbie.  The help was amazing, and one clerk took a lot of time to explain RRs to me.  When I went in today, I made sure no one was at the register before starting my checkout.  The cashier was very friendly.

Some of the sale items were completely cleared out, including some items I wanted to get Register Rewards.  For the remaining deals, the following is what I thought should have happened, according the the experts:

First transaction:
Mucinex 10.99
– $1 manuf insert coupon
= $9.99 + tax out of pocket (I’ve now determined that tax is calculated pre-coupon)
$2 RR

Second transaction:

Revlon nail buffer reg 3.49 – 40% sale = 2.09
Revlon nail clipper reg 2.99 – 40% sale =1.79
Paper Jamz guitar on clearance 6.25
= 10.13
– $2 Revlon manuf printable at
– $2 Revlon manuf printable at with overage applied to total
(I was only able to print two, but I figured that while a $4.04 money-maker was best, two FREE was still good.)
– $2 RR
= 4.13 + tax out of pocket

But here’s what really happened.  The first transaction went as planned.  $10.76 out of pocket, which in itself was a deal.

However, the Revlon deal failed.  I couldn’t use the $2 coupon on the second item.  There was a $1 manuf coupon on the nail buffer, so the cashier happily peeled that off and applied it, and my RRs.  $5.84 out of pocket (less than the cost of the guitar gift) and a register coupon for $2 any Revlon beauty tools.  I also got two Spring Beauty Guide coupon booklets (at the beauty counter) with $25 coupons, which I understand are hard to find.

Now I’m looking at it, and I’ve figured out that the remainder from the first item (.09) did not make up for the overage of the second (.21), so it wouldn’t take.  If I’d purchased two nail buffers, the coupon would have worked, probably.  But I didn’t really need the products, and only wanted to do the deal as practice and because it was to be FREE and for donation.

So if I had time tomorrow, and needed beauty tools, I could go back to get:

Revlon item reg 3.75 – 40% = 2.25
Revlon nail clipper reg 2.99 – 40% sale =1.79
= 4.04
– $2 Revlon manuf printable at
– $2 Revlon manuf coupon from register
= .04 + tax out of pocket

I’m seriously willing to give this kind of shopping a shot, but only if I can make money for the monumental effort.  The store I went to is always out of sale items, but I know of another less active store a little further away in the other direction.  I’m going to try there, and maybe get some of the deals to be had.  If this doesn’t work, then I can confidently say that I’m not cut out for this.

The Sneak Peek Wags ad came in my email box today, and I know what coupons we could be getting this Sunday.  Armed with my coupon box, I’m off to put together money-making scenarios!

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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