OOHH! The Agony! Can CT Survive Life Without CHOCOLATE?

I received some frightening news yesterday from my doctor.  I have to minimize/eliminate my intake of CHOCOLATE.

Horrors!  I have to have at least a bite of chocolate every day.  Now, because it’s Lent I’ve cut out all but the accidental incidents of chocolate ingestion already (old habits die hard).  And I’m hoping that the timing of this physician’s edict will work in my favor.  If I can survive through April, I can probably continue without it.

I have a friend who once gave up chocolate for a whole year; she said it was just to know she could do it and not depend on it.  When the year was over, I offered to send her some specialty chocolates.  She declined, saying she really didn’t need them, and certainly wasn’t craving them.  I know!  WOW!  So there’s hope for me.

Unfortunately, I also have to reduce/restrict other sources of caffiene, refined carbs and even red meat.  I know one thing: this isn’t going to be cold turkey.  If I stop my coffee flat out, I WILL get migraines, so that will be a weaning process.  I already eat very little red meat, and while my refined carbs have crept up, I can certainly cut those without issue.  But come on….my chocolate?

I whined, “You hate me!” which the doctor ignored.  He’s wise.  I’m goin’ with that.


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