Varmints! “Can You See Me Now?”

ACK!  Monday I checked the apple tests I set up late last week for our guests the Vole Family.  Not one nibble.  What?!

Oh, this just is not fair.

I put the pots back over the tests, and, as recommended, am going to check for evidence of voles again, probably on Thursday.  They gotta eat sometime, right?  The weather this week is quite mild, so I figured they’d venture out.  Cabin fever and all.  Perhaps there is another entrance.  Tomorrow I don my wabbit hunting gear and check every inch of the perimeter, as well as key areas of the yard.

Cover me!

Ninja Mom Vole-Getter is temporarily baffled.  One step at a time, though.  To follow the saga of vole eradication at Chez CT, select the category “Voles” and view all the posts.


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