Menu Planning: 3/13-3/19/11 — Down to Basics Edition #3

Phew!  What a week, and what a week ahead!  Last week we ended up with a few nights of just three of us, so I was able to use leftovers more efficiently.  We now have two menu meals available for later on!  We’re still enjoying the fruits of the freezer, so my grocery bill has been crazy low.  I’ll take it.

I was able to make some cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day, and still had enough batter for an 8″ round for #2’s birthday cake next month.  Love the freezer!  I found some green icing (almost a whole tub) leftover from Christmas in there, and it’s going on the cupcakes.

This week brings a little more peace, but the added fun of St. Patrick’s Day!  The weather’s turning warmer, but not warm enough to grill yet.  So a little of this and that is on our dinner menu this week:

Sunday:  Casserole for three with unexpected leftover chicken (I’m counting FREE), leftover rice (.40), leftover partial can cream of chicken soup (.08), partial container of Cooking Creme (.30), 1/4 cup leftover cheese on top (.13), served with steamed broccoli (.43) — Less than $1.50

Monday: Simmered thin-cut round steaks (~2.50), with onion soup mix (.20), served with potatoes (.40) and carrots (.25) — Less than $3.40

Tuesday: Lemon-herb chicken skillet dinner (~1.84 with the chicken), steamed peas (.43) — Less than $2.50

Wednesday: Tomato soup (.16) and grilled cheese sandwiches (bread ~.35, cheese ~.50) — Less than $1.10

ThursdayIrish Pub Beef Stew (beef ~$3, potatoes .40, carrots .25, seasoning packet ?, leftover tomato soup, no celery, and sherry in the cupboard ?), served with biscuits (~.50) — Less than $4.20  (And possibly a beer.  I don’t know, I’m just sayin’.)

Friday: Battered fish filets (2.49), salads (.75), carrot sticks (.25) — Less than $3.50

SaturdayCaesar chicken pasta (with a few tweaks) (chicken $1, pasta .69, dressing .50, FREE freezer chicken broth, croutons .34, less cheese .25), salads (.75) — Less than $3.50

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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