Thrift of Ground Chicken

There’s a great members-only coupon for $1.50 off a package of Gold ‘n Plump ground chicken — you might be able to print it HERE.  There’s also one  HERE for .75 off.  Packages are one pound, and can often be found as store special markdowns at Super Target.  I have purchased these for a dollar or less quite often.

So what do you do with ground chicken?  The flavor and texture are too mild to hold up to chilis, tacos and the like.  No, ground chicken requires lower cooking temp and shorter cooking time than beef.  Not all recipes designed for ground turkey work for ground chicken,  either.  If you’re not careful, the chicken can cook up rubbery and bland, because it has very little fat content.

You can make very juicy pan-fried burgers if you use finely chopped onion and fresh seasonings in the mix; the onion will keep the meat moist, and herbs or a pepper mix will add needed flavor.  If you make burgers for the grill, try adding beaten egg white to help keep the meat together.

Mini meatballs are a great option for ground chicken.  Rachael Ray has a healthy Chinese Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe for an Asian-inspired meal; find an interpretation of that HERE.  There’s also this recipe for Shanghai Chicken Meatballs, which is delish.  Be sure to cook in or with a sauce to help keep them moist.

Another Rachael Ray recipe that is really good is Maple Apple Chicken Sausage (the apple and oil add moisture, but you should chop the apple very finely).  Make these up for a weekend brunch, perhaps.

These Kraft Cooking Cremes would be great with ground chicken!  Small patties simmered with the Italian cheese and herb flavor, over pasta, served with steamed broccoli….

Do you have a favorite use for ground chicken?


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