The Thrill of Weight Loss

Comes a time when you realize, “Oooh.  That doesn’t look/feel/fit right.”  Usually this happens when I’m getting dressed in the morning.  Yeeee.  That happened about a week and a half ago, and I began about a week ago watching (kinda) what I’m putting in my mouth.  Nasty ounces pounds had crept up just a tad, and I can’t really blame that on hitting 50.

I’m Thrilled to report that in one week, I’ve lost three pounds.  I haven’t been working out (shame on me), but just eating more fruits and vegs, and cutting way back on carbs and chocolate.  I suspect that cutting out the chocolate starting this week will lead to further simple weight loss.  I also started drinking decaf tea with lemon in the afternoon instead of coffee with skim.  The decaf still has a bit of caffeine, is more refreshing, and, in my experience, is more of a diuretic.  I’m hoping to lose at least five more before my big checkup next week.

There’s also a new rule at our house:  no TV, XBox, computer, or hangin’ out on iPod, until you’ve done 30 minutes of Kinect.  The kids have been pretty good about that, although I haven’t actually seen #1 do his workout.  And while I tend to stretch and (sometimes) do the ab cruncher thing while watching my daytime show (taped these days), I don’t always.  And I haven’t learned how to do Kinect.  So that’s my goal for the week.

In the past, to lose my 25 lbs, I worked out at Curves for Women.  It is a great fitness program, and a great way to lose weight, if you work the circuit (instead of chatting).  I pumped up my workout and did the Curves eating plan, and lost the 25 in about two months.  I’ve kept it off until recently, as I’ve been sitting a whole lot, and stopped working out.  If you need a “gym” or a program to keep you motivated in your fitness goals, I do recommend Curves.  Click HERE to learn more about the program, and to get a FREE week at Curves (or wait till they have  a two-week or one-month deal, which IMHO is more likely to give you a true picture of how the program can work for you).

How’s your maintenance plan going?

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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