Menu Planning: 3/6-3/12/11 — Down to Basics Edition #2

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week?

Still eating out of pantry/freezers!  We’re so blessed to have this bounty, and while I’ve taken bags for Project Hope/Feinstein Challenge, I’m still collecting items from home and store deals.  (I just could not pass up a deal on mac/cheese for .19/box last week….into the donation stack it went.)  Some call this a “pantry challenge.”  I’m not thinking of it as a challenge, so much as a choice. 

This week brings schedules all akimbo, Ash Wednesday and Lent, and a boatload of mental energy drain (big decisions to be made).  So I’ve got some of this, and some of that.  The thing about pantry menus is we’ve got a lot of variety, and that’s good.  As you can see, the meals are pretty reasonable (Cheap) and serve our whole family, but since we’re eating what we have, the actual cost for the week is almost non-existent (possibly some garlic bread).  This is encouraging, and keeps me going with it.  The rest of the menus through end of April are yummy, nutritious, and thrifty, too.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menu this week:

Sunday:  Fajita chicken soup (2 Chunky for $1) with added shredded chicken breast, corn muffins from the freezer (<.50), brownies (.39, eggs .14) — Less than $2

Monday:  Teriyaki pork tenderloin (freezer, 3.98), rice (.12/serving), “Colorful Vegs” steamers (dirt cheap w/Target freezer deal) — Less than $4.50

Tuesday:  Homemade pizzas (dough mix ~.50 for 2), with ham (FREE), mozarella (.99), side salads (~.80) — Less than $2.25

Wednesday:  Ash Wednesday: Healthy Choice veg soup (2 for $1), biscuits (~.50) — Less than $1.50

Thursday:  Chicken/veg fritatta (frozen FREE shredded chicken, leftover bits of veg and cheese, eggs .85/doz or .35), salads (~.80) — Less than $2

Friday:  Spaghetti (.60) marinara (.65), broccoli (.19) or salad (~.80) [guest choice], possibly garlic bread if I find it on sale — Less than $2.25 with the salad

Saturday:  Roasted split chicken breasts (.88/#, ~2.25), Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes (~$1), canned green beans (.25) — About $3.50

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



2 thoughts on “Menu Planning: 3/6-3/12/11 — Down to Basics Edition #2

    • Welcome, Renae! Since I’m always suggesting deals, I think it helps to see how to put those deals together. Be sure to check out the grocery ad deal posts to see how to put stores’ weekly deals into practice, too.


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