Give It Back! Share Your Breakfast

We’re pleased to promote Kellogg’s new Share Your Breakfast campaign.  One in four American kids live in homes where breakfast isn’t always available.  This is a free and easy way to help fill tummies.

“At Kellogg’s, we believe in the power of breakfast and its ability to bring out the best in each day. And yet, one in four children live in food-insecure households, making breakfast hard to come by.1 So when you share your breakfast with us, we’ll help share breakfast with kids in school who might otherwise miss out. Our goal? To help share one million breakfasts by the start of the 2011–2012 school year.”

Kellogg’s wants you to share photos of your breakfast.  For each photo, or each text, you basically donate a breakfast to the program, helping provide breakfasts to kids across the country who need it.  Go HERE to learn more about this program.

Give It Back! is an occasional series on Cheap Thrills in Omaha about caring for others in our community.  Something as simple as using a coupon can help feed people in need in Omaha.


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