Menu Planning: 2/6-2/12/11

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week?

It’s time.  Time to get back to lean eating.  This winter I’ve let several items slip into our daily eating, and I have partaken of the evil calories and {fat}.  Begone, wretched ruiner of shapely thighs!  So this week I’m planning meals that can be used to this end (pardon the pun), yet satisfy my guys’ need for hearty food.  I can omit one or more offending items from my plate, and can gussy up others with flavorful herbs and seasonings.  Trick is to do this with what I have on-hand already.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menu:

Sunday:  I cooked big game food: buffalo drummettes (FREE @ Target), marinated (.68) low fat chicken tenders (nearly FREE @ Target) skewers, homemade pizza (Rhodes dough <.70) w/Italian sausage, Loaded Baked Potato casserole  — I add cheese to mine — (evil to the Nth degree, but only about .50/serving), carrot and celery sticks (about .50, hmm, I was the only one to have these), tortilla chips (<$1) w/various dips (pennies) (not much got eaten?!), brownie pops, rootbeer floats for the  kids, real beer for DH, lots of water for me.  The skewers are wonderful: marinate in lowfat Italian dressing about an hour or two, then bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Now I really need to adjust meals!

Monday:  Leftover turkey in soft tacos (1.34 tortillas, .60 cheese), brown rice (.10/serving, chili powder), green salads (.50).  I can omit the rice.

Tuesday:  Leftover beef roast from the freezer, noodles (.34), carrots (.50), green beans (.25).  I can omit the noodles and limit the beef and carrots.

Wednesday:  Leftover ham (bonus) from the freezer in a fritatta (eggs .88/doz) — no cheese in mine — with onions (.10), toms (.99/#), shrooms (.15), green salads (.50)

Thursday:  Out w/ #1 — the possibilities are endless!

Friday:  Roast chicken breasts (.88/#) — w/out skin (which I love), baked potatoes (not for me!), broc/cauli/carrot blend (extra for me).

Saturday:  Pork shoulder bbq (see my trick below), slaw (always cheap and good when homemade), corn muffins (<.50 for all).  Not sure if I can eat only one muffin or not…

Here’s my tip for making pork bbq low-ER fat:  Trim as much fat off the meat as possible before cooking.  There is still a ton of fat inside the roast, but don’t worry.  Use a rack in your Crock Pot, or make a high ring of foil and put the roast on it.  Cook plain, S&P only, all day, draining liquids once.  Remove from Crock and let sit on a wire rack over a sheet pan (to catch drippings) for 10 minutes.  Separate the meat chunks with two forks, discarding chunks of fat and placing meat on a paper-towel lined plate.  Use another paper towel to blot the meat of fat.  Using your favorite non-fat sauce, mix the meat and sauce in a bowl until lightly coated.  Serve “pulled” pork plain, or on a whole grain bun.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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