Don’t Go Out!

Don’t go outside.  Really.  Let me tell you why.  This morning I had an annual test scheduled at 8:45.  I called to make sure radiology was open at Lakeside, and agreed to let DH drive me in his “big honkin’ SUV.”  I gingerly stepped onto the driveway to get in the vehicle, and slipped.  Feet went up, butt went down.  “Okay, I’m good,” I thought.  Then my head went back and I heard it crack.

It’s a frightening sound, really, and you don’t want to move when that happens.  I felt like an animation on CSI, when the victim….well, you get the jist.  I lay on the back seat while DH took me to the ER on the other side of the building from where I was originally headed.  I struggled to keep my eyes open, and my mind working.  I felt DH slide into the middle of an intersection, and is probably best I didn’t see it.

Hour and a half later, one CT scan later, they determined I do, in fact, have brains, and they seem to be in fine order.  Mild concussion, expect a headache, take it easy for the day.  I did not crack it, although I will never forget that sound.

This recent storm has really played havoc on our week.  We are so blessed to have shelter, food, the means to get through this season, and each other.  Last year’s snow is somewhere else this year, and I truly feel for those areas.  And the best advice I can give is to stay inside until the ice all melts away.


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