Menu Planning: 1/23-1/29/11

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week?

Wow!  We’ve had some wild winter weather, huh?!  Here in Nebraska we’ve got a fresh 8″ on the ground, but the sun is out and it’s getting melty.  The streets are bone dry, thankfully!  Soups, toasted sandwiches for lunches, and warm drinks have been comforting.  This week, I’ve planned some family favorites, quick-fixes, and use-em-up dishes.  I’ll be making some double batches, too, of chicken pot pies and chili.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menu:

Sunday:  Grilled cheese sandwiches (FREE cheese, whole wheat bread .89), tomato soup (.16 x 2 cans)

Monday:  Ranch burgers (93% lean @ 1.89/#, ranch dressing packet .39), sweet potato fries (.97), lettuce (.30)

Tuesday:  Bbq chicken (nearly FREE chicken, sauce .89), potato casserole (.50), slaw (.75)

Wednesday:  Fish sticks (2.99 for the big bag), homemade mac/cheese (~$1), salads (.50)

Thursday:  Chicken pot pie (crust .50, nearly FREE chicken, leftover vegs), salads (.50)

Friday:  Jennie O roast turkey ($2.50) as stir-fry (1.29), rice (.10/serving)

Saturday:  Chili with 93% lean beef (1.89), beans (.59 x 2 cans), canned tomatoes (.89 for all), salsa (1.69), seasonings, giant corn bread muffins (.93 total for a dozen)

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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