Awesomeness In My Crock Pot and Oven

I have delights cooking away.  The snow is really coming down (wasn’t it supposed to stop?), and I am in for most of the rest of the day.  Pick-ups start at 3 pm.  After dropping the boys at their respective educational institutions (“institutions” being the key word today), I stopped as I drove past Bag N Save. DEALS!

Smart Chicken quarters are .69/#, and I still had two $2 coupons left.  so I picked up a 2.02 and a 2.06 package, 8 big quarters in all, and they are in my Crock Pot right now!  Just a little water, nothing else.  These will yield plump, flavorful meat, which will go into the freezer for  later use.  (I’ve got a chicken pot pie planned, using the Cheap pie crust I got yesterday.) 

Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes. Photo by lazymeIn the oven, I’ve got 12 russets baking.  Green Giant 10# bags were 2.77, and there’s still more than half a bag left!  These 12 potatoes will give me 24 Twice-Baked Potatoes, packaged 4 to a foil pan, which is microwaveable.  Cream cheese was ridiculously FREE and Cheap around the holidays and is still pre-expire.  I pulled cheeses from various parts of the freezers and fridge, so the blend will be yummy.  And I’m adding green onions (Cheap last week) and some leftover crumbled bacon in some of them.  Now I’m hungry, dang it.

None of this is even for tonight’s dinner!  When you find a deal you have to use it, and since I’m home, it may as well get cooked.  Love it when it all works out!


2 thoughts on “Awesomeness In My Crock Pot and Oven

    • There are a few different heating solutions at the end of the recipe. I usually thaw and nuke, unless I’m heating up the oven for something else, in which case I bake them.


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