Trader Joe's

Has anyone been to Trader Joe’s?  What did you think of it?


7 thoughts on “Trader Joe's

  1. Just went shopping yesterday and had a great shopping experience. There was a store employee walking around with a question mar sign helping customers find items and give product advice. The prices are not too high. The store is small and was difficult to get through the aisles with 2 kids – they were busy but the customer service was awesome. I will definitely go back.


  2. I go there frequently and have found some really good buys. If you buy frozen veggies most of them are really reasonable and they have some things I have never seen before. Their frozen Mango and Pineapple is about chalf the prize of any where else I have seen it. Not to mention their frozen Pomegranates seeds. You could buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need but I keep with the basic and don’t buy many of their frozen meals. The parking is usually no problem either but I tend to go at off times. .


  3. I know you are an Aldi shopper and it is basically a higher end Aldi. They have some neat looking things, I am planning to go back b/c I went when they first opened at it was so busy! They have the candy cane joes at Christmas time, I was able to pick some up at Aldi after Christmas for .99 and they were the best cookies I have ever had in a package, including Girl Scout cookies!


    • Mmm, that was someone else. But my question is more about the logistics in the Omaha location. Easy parking? Easy shopping? Good overall experience? Good to know about the cookies! Has anyone been recently, after all the hoo-ha of the opening?


  4. Try their Chipotle hummus or their rice medley. Their $5 Buck Chuck. They also have odd things like Chicken Lime Burgers. It’s all good though.

    They have a great snack called Chile-Spiced Mangoes. Sounded weird but loved it.

    They have .99 cent soft pretzles that are delish!!!

    One nice thing is if you do not like something, you can bring it back and get your money back without a reciept. They want you to try there stuff.

    It may look unorganized or a mess…but no plastic bags is awesome!


    • “One nice thing is if you do not like something, you can bring it back and get your money back without a reciept.” Now THAT is awesome! btw, did you know Baker’s/Kroger has the same policy for their Kroger brand? — except you need the receipt.

      “It may look unorganized or a mess…” Interesting.


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