Oh, Man! I Dropped My Coupons!

It was only a matter of time.  Last year I switched my coupon filing from a broken plastic hinge-top box with a rigged-up elastic strap, to a small, pretty Harry & David box (cardboard with a removable top).  Every week I would think, “This wind is going to take the top for a ride, and all my coupons are going to blow away.”  I’d hold it tighter.

Last week, when it was nice and warm and slushy, I went to the store.  There was a lady maneuvering with an oxygen tank, so I instructed my son to take her empty cart to the corral for her.  As I turned to put my own stuff in the car, I dropped my coupon box.  To the ground.  Upside down.  Into a puddle.  Yay.

Since they landed in slush and there was not much Nebraska wind that day, I was miraculously able to salvage all of the coupons, most of them still in order!  Go figure!  I am very glad that the printables didn’t hit the water, because I use an inkjet, and the ink would have run, rendering them useless. 

There’s got to be a better way.  Stay tuned.


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