Menu Planning: 1/9-1/15/11

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week?

Cold.  Real cold.  Sub-freezing, tundra, igloo cold.  This week I’ve planned body and heart-warming dinners to keep us from turning to icicles in the evenings.  Some comfort foods, some basics.  All good and good for us.

I’ve also started pushing fruit and vegs with #2 for his lunches.  Unfortunately, that meant buying (on sale, some w/coupons) prepackaged fruit and applesauce cups, tortillas and chicken fries to make wraps, and other single-serving wonders.  Once we determine what will and will not work, I’ll chop up bigger items and we’ll use the containers I have.  So much cheaper that way!  I looked in his lunch bag last week, and saw nothing but carbs and a splat of PB.  I just had to press Restart and get him off the hamster wheel of PB and an apple, with sometimes carrot sticks, or cheese/crackers.  He was not having much to drink, either.  That’s what happens when you let them make their own lunches.  I also got some fruit newton-type snacks, and lots of yogurt.  So here we go; buckle up for the ride. 

At least I know what’s really going into them at dinner.  Here’s what’s on our menu:

Sunday:  Picnic Chicken (chicken .93 for all), garden Romaine salads (.50 plus .25 for croutons and dressing), baked potatoes (.40)

Monday:  Beef patties in gravy ($3 total), rice (.10/serving), carrots (.44), green beans (.25)  Soup of beef patties in gravy (1.50), potato (.15), carrots (.22), green beans (.25), half an onion (.03), leftover tomato soup, water

Tuesday:  Breaded fish filets (2.75), Alexia fries (.97), peas (.77)

Wednesday:  Stuffed (beef .25, rice .30) green bell peppers (.33 each), seasoned corn (.77), green salad .50)

Thursday:  Cheese tortelloni (1.15/pkg x 2=2.30) with Alfredo sauce (.75), salads (.50), bruschetta w/tomatoes (1.25)

Friday:  Chicken breasts (.97), homemade mac/cheese*, green beans (.25)

Saturday:  Ham and bean soup (beans $1, ham bone leftover from Christmas — it was in the freezer, as DH used diced ham for his soup), beer bread ($1)

* I wing it on mac/cheese as a side dish.  Noodles are usually .50 or less.  I make a roux (butter/flour), thicken skim milk, then add cheese (about .50 worth), pepper and maybe salt, a dash of paprika, and viola!  For a main casserole presentation, I would try one of several recipes I’ve bookmarked; but for run-of-the-mill weekday dinners, this is so Cheap and Easy!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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