FREE Exercise Today!

The snow is steady, but light, I’m told.  The boys had a snow day, and I wouldn’t chance getting stuck on the hill out; the guys at work said they could hold down the fort, so I didn’t go in.

DH snow blowed at about 6 this morning.  #1 snow blowed at about 10:30.  #2 and I are going out to shovel (b/c we’ve been told it’s lightweight) in just a few minutes.  It’s gotta be done.  May as well turn it into an exercise mindset, huh?  I think I can!  I think I can!

There’s about 5 inches piled up on the front railing posts — looks really funny.  The mail Jeep was spinning his wheels in the cul de sac — not funny.  I’m so glad I didn’t go out.  The plows came by very early this morning, but haven’t been back, and it would be very hard to get back home safely.

The snow just keeps falling…

UPDATE:  It’s a lie.  The snow is not light and fluffy.  It is heavy and wet.  Just in case you wanted to avoid a heart attack.


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