The Year in Retrospect: Big Thank Yous!

2010 is nearly past, and I have some big Thank Yous to pass out.  Living, even surviving, is tough these days, especially with the economy the way it’s been for a few years now.  Some folks make getting by so much easier.

To the manufacturers and coupon publishers:  Can’t thank you enough for your promotions!  The great deals we get to feed our families are due in large part to your coupons!  Please keep offering both print and printables.  Please find ways to work with retailers to curtail the bad guys so that the honest folk can continue to have and use coupons.

To Laura @  Your class was wonderful!  Your freebies were delicious.  Your commitment to your family is inspiring.  Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off of you, and for passively encouraging me.

To Kerry @ TotallyTarget:  Nothing short of, “Awesome!” will do.  Because of your hard work and devotion to sharing, I’ve been able to find incredible deals on food and household items that have kept many pennies in my purse.

To the Blogosphere:  “Thanks for just being you.”  Without the network of frugal folks, many of the deals we share would not be known.  Without “the InterWeb” (HA!) we wouldn’t even be here to help our readers.

To you, dear readers:  Thanks for making this a great year, for spreading the word on deals, and for participating in some interesting discussions.  Thanks for making this blog a worthwhile project.

To my fam:  Yeah, you know it.  Thanks for trying to be quiet while I was writing.  Thanks for giving me quality feedback, especially on recipes.

As far as the economy goes:  It’s been more than two years now since things tumbled….maybe when we get closer to the end of the next two years (when it’s time for another campaign), we’ll see some action.  Hold out HOPE!


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