Really Frugal Disposable Cookie Trays

In case you didn’t hear….


But how to transport, serve, and clean up 50 dozen of them?!  Ah, HAH!  The Frugalista in me had a brainstorm (alert the media), and it worked out beautifully!

While at Aldi, I found some of their flat boxes for customers to use if they didn’t bring bags.  If you’re not familiar with Aldi, you have to bring your own bags, or purchase them, or use whatever boxes they put out rather than having to dispose of.  I found these:

Most of them were solid colors, but some were tissue display flats (which no one seemed to notice).  I had 8 in all.  Sturdy!  Big!  About 1.5″ high!  Lightweight!  FREE!  About as wide as a roll of plastic wrap!  I picked some up as I needed them for groceries during the weeks before deadline.  I cut down the high side on the Willow boxes.  Then I went to Nobbies and found these:

Just $4 per pack (got 2).  They fit great!  You could probably use pretty wrapping paper instead.  I started filling them in presentable ways:

I decided to make trays of chocolate ones and sugar cookie ones, to make it easy to find what kind they wanted.  And here are several of the completed trays before I wrapped them:

Each tray held about 5-6 dozen cookies.  There were some bags left for refills (and I used some for a special gift box for the music director).  They laid out perfectly in the back of the SUV for transport, and the plastic wrap helped prevent them from sliding.  They stacked nicely, about 3-4 high, for carrying in and out. 

And, after the cookies were gone (well before intermission was over), the trays, wrap and bags went straight into the trash (I didn’t think you wanted a pic of that).  Could possibly have recycled, but it’s a loooong way to that bin at the school, and it was very cold and very dark.  Maybe next year.

So there you have it: Cheap Thrills’ Really Frugal Disposable Cookie Trays!  Hope this works for you, or gives you some ideas.  Let us know if you try this!


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