The Cookies: They Are Done!!!

WooHoo!  Now we do the Dance of Joy! 

Actually, they were done on Sunday.  But I was way too tired to dance then.  So much shivering, y’know?

Today I deliver 8 dozen decorated cookies to the office where DH works, for their Santa party.  They have many trays, so the cookies will remain in freezer bags on a cardboard flat in my car till after work.  I’ll tray them at the office, and they’ll be gone in record time, I’m sure.

On Friday I deliver the 600 (50 dozen, did I say that?) cookies to the high school for the annual Christmas concert.  These I will tray up on Thursday evening in disposable trays put together on the Cheap — will show details when those are made.  Right now cookies are still in the freezer, and I’ll put them in my car when they’re prepared, so they keep really cold, safe, and uneaten.  Seriously, I’ll be glad to deliver these.  And get my freezer back.

Life is good.


2 thoughts on “The Cookies: They Are Done!!!

    • Thanks, Dawn! I am so relieved. They went in no time flat, too, of course. A friend from church was there and asked if I “brought some” of the cookies. When I told her, she about fell over! “ALL of them?!” You know, with a little advance notice, this could be quite doable again next year — and they will easily need 75-100 DOZEN. I, myself, will need a huge bin for the biggest shelf of my freezer, and a better freezer-use plan. Did I just seriously write all that?!


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