Turkey Pops! An Interesting Twist for Thanksgiving

Turkey Pops!

I tried a new thing for Thanksgiving this year.  I am so enchanted and inspired by Bakerella.  Her Cake Pops in a million variations are incredibly creative.  LOVE her turkey creations.  You can get her new book, Cake Pops, at Books A Million, Williams-Sonoma, Borders, Barnes & Noble and other book stores.  I’m hoping she comes to Omaha soon.

Unfortunately, my hand is not as steady as hers, and my cartoonish version had to be modified.  That, and I couldn’t find some components, like hearts for the wattles (mine are mini gummi bears cut in half — not good texture combination).  No matter, these were delicious!  And aren’t they cute!  (I had pumpkin pie as a backup.)

The insides are balls of brownies!  Yup, cooked, cooled and rolled up.  Follow Bakerella’s instructions for dipping and decorating Cake Pops, and voila!   So many possibilities, so little time.

Check out her book for step-by-step instructions and inspiration on how to make some awesome treats!   Great for theme parties, school holiday treats, you name it.  Enjoy.

Photo courtesy DH.

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