Cookie Update: Closing In!

I’m getting there!  41 dozen cookies are prepared and packaged for the school, including these strawberry and lemon sugar cookies with festive sugar crystals on top.

I’ve got two dozen of each of these, plus two dozen of each as powdered-sugar-covered crackles.  So yummy.  Glad there were a few extras to toss into a freezer bag for us!

Yes, I’m socking away some of the extras, after adding a few to the bags for breakage insurance.  I figure if I’m doing it now, and I can get 3 or 4 from each session, that’ll knock off time from family cookie baking in a few weeks.  I have promised my famous lebkuchen to the fam this year, but maybe that’ll be all I make after these outside committments.

Still working on my frugal disposable trays.  Sometimes I amaze and amuse myself.  These are really cute, and I hope the concert-goers appreciate them as much as I enjoy doing them.

Keep praying for me.  This is really hard for me to do without eating bowlfuls of dough and handfuls of chocolate chips.  Y’know, I sure am getting lots of practice.  Hmm.  Wonder what’s around the corner, then.


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