Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

This is the best season!  It isn’t all about the turkey, the food, or travelling (pat-down, anyone?).  It’s about counting all our blessings, small and big, and finding the blessings among the pains of everyday life.

One of my favorite verses is: “Be still and know that I am God.”  Be still, think, trust, accept His gifts.  That has guided me through this year.  So many changes, challenges, even losses.  So many chances to “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  We are so blessed!

I am grateful for:

a husband who comes home every evening.

two kids who, although they aren’t perfect, are perfectly wonderful.

a home, with a roof, with heat, with doors, and with beds.

our new bed.

blankets and pillows and earplugs.

a refrigerator, freezers and overflowing pantries.


the ability to nourish my family.

the ability to work with our means to put the gifts of God’s provision on our table.

our eating dinner together as a family almost every night (even if it’s soup).

the humor (or attempts at it) that pepper our daily life.

friends that have remained faithful, true, and steady through the years.

new friends that we’ve made.

my friend’s new baby!

a nice, big yard with beautiful plants.

the suburban “wildlife” outside my window: cardinals, black squirrels, and, yes, even the rabbits (just not so many!).

the purple martins that will someday occupy the house on the pole in the yard.

this computer, the printer, the ink, and the paper that I use. 

the Internet service (who would have imagined this culture 20 years ago?!) that allows us to learn, save, and share daily.

the schools that my kids attend. 

the talents and guidance of the teachers that care (but not the ones who clearly don’t).

the car I have to take my kids to their magnet and private schools.

roads that are paved and cleared and (relatively) straight.

the drivers that let me merge, turn, or stop short, without losing it.

the drivers that are mean, block my left-lane line of vision, cut in front of me, flip me off, and are plain dangerous, because that reminds me that I am not perfect, either, but I do not need to be quite that unreasonable.

neighbors who care about each other and watch out for each other and need each other.

the soldiers, airmen and sailors who protect our freedoms here and abroad.

our leaders.

my bosses.

my husband’s coworkers and bosses.

our jobs and other opportunities to provide income and benefits to our family.

independent insurance coverage.

our church, pastor, and congregational friends.

the programs we are able to participate in to nourish our souls.

opportunities to give back to the community through church or other groups.

opportunities to use our gifts to help others give back.

my clothes and shoes.

my toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and lotion.

my bathtub.


paint, color, and the chemistry of latex.

the right tools for the right job, including ladders.

creative and intelligent resources to get me out of DIY trouble.

Yes, we are so blessed!  What I have been given is so much more than I could have imagined.  There are people who have none of these blessings.  But God has provided for me, has brought me to this place, for a reason.

What are you thankful for?  What, especially this year, has guided you through Life?  Can you see past the rush, rush, rush of “getting there” to the peace of the moment?  There are much more meaningful things here than the importance of our scurrying about.   I invite you to take some time this Christmas season to focus on a purpose for your life.  Focus on what matters most.  Determine that, and be led to a trust that gives you peace.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration!  I hope you can be truly grateful for all your blessings, and celebrate them with the ones you love.


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