600 Cookies Update

I am well on my way with all the cookies I have to make this season.  But wait!  There’s MORE!  Or there will be, after I make them.

Each year, DH’s office has a party for Santa and employees’ kids.  For the last few years, I’ve made the cookies (compensated by a Target GC or two).  In all the hoo-ha about the concert cookies, I was stunned when I got the request for 8 more dozen for the office this year. 

“Uh, gee, yeah, I guess.  What’s another 8 more?!”  Actually, I think it’s easier to just keep plowing through, and “Get ‘er DONE!”  So now it’s 58 dozen, or 696 cookies.  (More than that, actually, to account for “breakage.”)

Today I took inventory of what I already have and where I need to be.  Good news!  I have 30 dozen for the school done and bagged; 20 more to go.  And I have 3 dozen for the office done and bagged; 5 more to go.  That’s about how many I thought I’d have done at this point.  I’ve spent about $10 out of pocket, and I have enough ingredients to finish the job, as well.  Bargain!

So tonight I make another 2 dozen (and a few extra) Chewy Brownie Cookies, and 4 dozen chocolate chip.  I wish I could send the easy, yummy Peanut Butter Cookies to either event, but there’s major concern over nut allergies, so I dare not even put nuts in the room this time.

I will have to glaze many of the cookies at the last minute, but that’ll be so easy to do all at once, and help with the “tray” preparation.  Wait till you see my frugal idea for disposable cookie trays!


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