"Faaay-go Remeeeeem-bers!" — Coupon and a Memory

This product is not available in Omaha, unfortunately.  But if you’re from Detroit, and remember the Boblo Boat and Boblo Island, this should bring back a rush of memories!   HERE is a coupon for .50 off Two 2-Liter Faygo Beverage Bottles any Flavor or any One 12 Pack of 12 oz Cans. 

If you’re not from Detroit, Faygo is a brand of soda pop that comes in a bazillion flavors, including the famous RedPop.  There was a commercial for it years ago with the entire ferry boat filled with local celebrities singing a catchy song.  Boblo Island is an island in the Detroit River that used to house an amusement park, picnic grounds and the Detroit Yacht Club.  Good times. 

Remember when you were a kid?  Well, part of you still is!  And that’s why weeeeeee make Faygo.  Faaay-go re-meeeeeem-bers!….”  (Enjoy the song that will now be in your head all day long.)


2 thoughts on “"Faaay-go Remeeeeem-bers!" — Coupon and a Memory

  1. Oh, we just HAD to have RedPop! No real flavor; maybe a little strawberry and LOTS of sweetness! It stained everything, so we only got it outside. lol

    I think they’ve expanded to many markets now, which is good for those markets. Enjoy.


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