$80 Per Week in 2010 — Week 46

I’m on a mission this year: spend $80 or less per week on groceries for my family of four! After reconciling all our expenses for 2009, all the while remembering the splurges during a special family celebration and replenishing of food storage, I realized I could and would do better in 2010. With the skills I’ve obtained, and the deals on some web sites I’ve discovered, “I hereby pledge to lower my food budget this year!”

Is it Week 46 already?!  Seems I just got started on this little jaunt.  This week I really, really exercised restraint with regard to my freezer.  Seriously!  Okay, I couldn’t help but use the last of my $2 Smart Chicken coupons, but two of those packages were used for dinner the next day.  So there’s that.  And the pork chops also got eaten the next day.  So I made use of deals at the expense of my carefully-planned menus.  Somethin’s gotta give when you’re doin’ deals!

I also scored on Pillbury pastries (for which I have great plans, btw), spices, canned vegs for Project Hope, and butter.  And, even though it’s a week before Thanksgiving, I have room in my refrigerator, and have plans to eat down most everything in there (well, not personally, but the fam).  Now that’s progress.

This week for just food I spent $62.98!  That’s below my weekly budget, and includes three gallons of milk and the remainder of fixin’s for Thanksgiving.   This puts me at $401.09 UNDER budget for the year!   Here’s where my dollars went:

BagNSave:  Our Fam butter — got the deal Wednesday for 1.44.  Also, Tones spices -30% (.62) – $1/2 = .12 each!  I used the last of my Smart Chicken coupons for 2# packages less than .50 each, but now I’m stocked for a good long while with a variety of cuts.  (Friday’s dinner chicken cost a grand total of .02!)  Pillsbury crescents and cinnamon rolls .97 – various coupons.  Farmland deli meat tubs .99 each.  Philly cream cheese .69 each.  Ritz pretzel crisps $1; Wheat Thins Stix $1.  Yams and celery were a Cheap, as well.  Total spend on food:  28.75

NoFrills:  Swiss Miss cocoa .74; Kemp’s Timberland Mint ice cream (for Christmas Eve) 1.88; Roberts sour cream .63, and dip .58; Our Fam green beans .25 each (also corn for the food pantry); giant bag o spinach .99; Xtra Nice n’Fluffy softener 3.05 w/full price rebate form; chunk cheese .98; this n that.  Total for food:  18.32

Aldi:  Milks are still 1.79/gal (do I sound like a broken record?).  Frozen apple blend juice .92.  Yogurts .37.  Total for food:  12.83

Target:  Hormel refrigerated entrees (Apple Bourbon Pork Chops) 1.54 each.  Total for food:  3.08

So, as I’ve said before, it can be done.  I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for an awesome grocery deal.  That’s why I’ve been clearing out my pantries for Project Hope, and buying canned corn (which we don’t eat much), that they need desperately.  The only things that went into my freezer were the ice cream, a couple of small bags of vegs, three packages of chicken, and a loaf of bread.  And the frozen juice to be made later this week.

What great deals did you find this week?



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