$80 Per Week in 2010 — Week 45

I’m on a mission this year: spend $80 or less per week on groceries for my family of four! After reconciling all our expenses for 2009, all the while remembering the splurges during a special family celebration and replenishing of food storage, I realized I could and would do better in 2010. With the skills I’ve obtained, and the deals on some web sites I’ve discovered, “I hereby pledge to lower my food budget this year!”

Okay, this week I did much better than last!  I had limited time, so I hit the Big Three (for me): Aldi, NF and BnS.

This week for just food I spent $58.04!  That’s below both my weekly budget and my mini-goal budget.   This puts me at $384.07 under budget for the year!   Here’s where my dollars went:

Bag N Save:  Smart Chicken bl/sl breasts (~4.5#) .91 and .81 (1.72); 93% lean ground beef 1.98/#; Rhodes sticky buns and garlic rolls .99 each; Hunt’s spaghetti sauce .76; Folger’s coffee 1.98; Nash Brothers organic spaghetti .49 ($1/any NB coupons tucked throughout the shelf), Colgate toothpaste .25.  Pillsbury cake mixes were oh, so Cheap: .97 – .50 each wyb10 products store coupon – $1/3 cake mixes peelie = .13 for 3 and .47 for 3 or 1.80 for 6!  Total spent for food:  27.83  And I got a Catalina for $2 OYNO of $35+!

No Frills:  I did my price matching at NF this week, which probably saved me a ton in light of last week.  Some of what I got went straight to the food pantry:  Jolly Time .49; Hungry Jack potatoes .46.  I was able to find MaltOMeal cereals 1.75; Ronzoni Healthy Harvest .46; Old Orchard juice .48; stuffing .47; Campbell’s soups .16; and more!  Total spent for food: 17.41

Aldi:  Not much to get here this week.  Milks are still 1.79/gal; sour cream is just .89 and they have a Light now; split top wheat bread .99; yogurts .37 each.  Total spent for food:  12.80

I’m really happy to be back in the swing of it.  While I love the deals at SuperSaver, I always spend waaaay more than I should, because of those deals!  Not sure why I can’t stick to my list in there; maybe because I don’t go there every week? 

You know, over the past 45 weeks, it seems that sticking to these three stores (and the occasional Target trip), provides the best bang for my grocery buck.  Considering the time factor, the convenience, and the familiarity, this is what works for me.  After May, though, the game changes!  Not sure by how much, so we’ll have to see.


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